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International Language & Computer Science School – “Provida Futuri”

This school was founded by Vera Kirćanski. She created a nice and organized institution where children and adults can learn English language.

We have accreditations, we have classrooms and teachers, but most importantly, we still have enough love for their work that every day we get up out of bed and do the best we can. In this school, teachers are our friends and their great and generous help enable each pupil to easily and better acquire new knowledge.

For our work and contribution to education in 2001 our school was awarded as the best intellectual institutions of the Association of Economists of Zrenjanin Region.

We are very proud of our library of books, audio and video material in English which includes more than 2000 titles. From 2004 the school has its own audio lab.

The school is accredited agent: Select School - St Andrews School - Kings School with which organizes summer courses in the UK at affordable prices. Teaching is based on methods of world-renowned publisher Macmillan Heinemann, Oxford University Press, Oxford and perform for all levels from beginner to advanced (beginner - advanced).

Worth mentioning: our youngest students are only 4 years old...

2008.05.31 - School became accredited examination center of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI ). First exam was held on 1st june 2008.